Roof Over My Head



June 10, 2018
Presented by ARTS Q! and Qcc
A Roof Over My Head
AAACC, 5pm
Tickets: $12 – $20.00 sliding scale, NOTA
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Creating Queer Community Program and Black Family Reunion Program

An original musical by Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Alison C Wright reflects the absurd nature of the SF Bay Area’s housing crisis. Focusing on a building of neighbors who receive an Ellis Act Notice from their ‘flip happy’ landlord, their story exposes what other tenants have been subjected to: being bullied, pushed out, or burnt out while they fight to keep a roof over their heads. Our company (ARTS Q) Artists Resist The Status Quo! uses one of the strongest non-violent weapons, the Arts. We expose the human toll of the Bay Area’s sneaky elimination of affordable housing. A crisis created by the greed of developers, speculators and relators who put profit over housing for all residents of the Bay Area. A grant from NQAF is bringing A Roof Over My Head to the first a full production in the heart of the city.


Tommi Avicolli Mecca (Co-playwright/ Musical Director) is an accomplished playwright, actor and musician from Philadelphia. After moving to San Francisco in ‘1991 he created and performed 2 solo works at Josie’s Cabaret and Jon Sims Center. In the late ‘90’s he wrote (3) one – act plays as a part of 2 residencies at Jon Sims Center. His work has appeared in the Queer Arts Festival and YBCA daytime performance series. As a composer he contributed music to three stage productions. His most recent bio-musical called “This Boy Is Just So Strange”, debuted in 2014 at the Eric Quezada Center in the Mission District. Recently he has been featured at several venues about town: Sacred Grounds, Bazaar Café and Bound Together Books presenting his life creatively in story and song.

Alison C Wright (Co-playwright/ Director) made her directing debut on the SF Arts scene with Yippie Production’s ART IS PROPAGANDA performed at SoMarts and fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts. Through the years she found her voice as an actor and playwright and worked with Ann Galjour, Ellen Sebastian Chang, Rhodessa Jones, and Thomas Simpson. She received 2 SFAC IAC awards for her solo works. Other credits: Queer Arts Festival); Afro Solo Festival); YBCA (Main stage – Garden performances), and Solo Mio Festivals. She played Katrina in TAMING OF THE SHREW with African American Shakespeare Company. Her film credits include: “AIDS Camp” and SWITCH which both appeared in the Frameline Film Festival, and recently released documentary “Dolores” – the story of Dolores Huerta, of the United Farm Worker’s Union. The police brutality Wright suffered September 1988 was a defining moment: her life became art and a mouth piece for her activism.

Elaine Alt (Arranger/ Pianist/ Clarinet) is a multi-dimensional artist and activist who is a bandleader, composer and performer in a myriad musical cultures and styles, including Jazz, Classical, Afro-Cuban and Hindustani.  Elaine studied clarinet, composition and conducting at the Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory, and the Pierre Monteux School for Conductors and Orchestra Musicians. He earned a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Elaine is a revolutionary in the International Socialist Organization, designs and produces custom Japanese martial arts-themed clothing, makes sublime ice cream, and knows how to roll a fierce spliff.