Sizzle with Seedlings


Sizzle w/ Seedlings, award-winning open mic, spoken word, performance evening featuring the world premiere of “Farmer Jenny” by Bill Basquin, literary works, performance art, dance and  performances featuring local performance artists and writers, inspired by the visual art works of Lydia Daniller’s “The Green Project” and Bill Basquin’s photographic series “Soiled” on environmental sustainability. Photography works by Lydia Daniller and Bill Basquin will be on display. For details and pre-sale tickets please refer to

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Lydia Daniller is working on a documentary + portrait project showcasing inspiring people and projects in the green movement. Beginning in the bay area and eventually expanding, She is focusing on successful projects that could serve as models to emulate, paying special attention to projects that accomplish social justice and environmental sustainability at the same time.

Given that we are at a crucial point on this planet, where our past actions have pushed the earth beyond what it can sustain, She wants to show some successful alternatives, and inspire people to change their behavior.

Bill Basquin is a visual artist who works in photography, film, sculpture, installation, and social practice. Two of Bill’s abiding passions are making compost and cycling resources; he was able to combine the two in 2009 while he was the Artist-in-Residence at the San Francisco Dump. Join him every year on the Winter Solstice for the Solstice Seed Swap, where all-comers go away with a selection of open-pollinated seeds.