Indira Allegra       32 Harnesses Controlled by a Switch 
2014 Calfskin leather, hand dyed silk, thread.
92“ x 5.5” Woven on a 32 harness compudobby loom, this titleholder’s sash is crafted for weavers exploring dynamics of intimacy and control between themselves, the loom and materials at hand. Orientation to Intimacy Series 
2013 3:10 USA […]

Indira Allegra is a poet and artist exploring intimacy, intertextuality, affect and endurance through performance, video works and handwoven textiles. Indira has contributed works to 25 for 25: An Anthology of Works by 25 Outstanding Contemporary LGTB Authors, Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thought, Dear Sister: Letters From Survivors of […]

Indira Allegra       Artist Statement The word text is rooted in the latin verb texere which means ‘to weave’. As a writer and artist, I explore forms of intertextuality, intimacy, emotion and endurance. I am interested to find how written, spoken and woven texts are animate in their ability shape each other, creating […]