Indira Allegra

Indira Allegra
32 Harnesses Controlled by a Switch 
Calfskin leather, hand dyed silk, thread.
92“ x 5.5”
Woven on a 32 harness compudobby loom, this titleholder’s sash is crafted for weavers exploring dynamics of intimacy and control between themselves, the loom and materials at hand.
Orientation to Intimacy Series 
3:10 USA English

This tryptic considers a queer orientation to the floor loom and its threads, exploring their potential for intimacy and sexual animacy. In this series of performances, the postures of the weaver’s hands are observed in relation to the comportment of the loom and the quality of these contacts recorded throughout the weaving process.32 Harnesses Controlled by a Switch and Orientation to Intimacy Series are studies of queer bonding between myself as the weaver, and the loom and materials at hand. I relate to the loom as an animate partner in the making process, dually constructing textile and sexualized texts by hand – forging new ways of crafting through queer gesture. These are erotic studio practices, concerned with the pleasure of making as it is distributed