In honor of the National Queer Arts Festival,  Femina Potens is proud to present “Identity,” an exhibit dedicated to exploring the multifaceted constructions of gender identity, the gendered presentations of the artists themselves, and the outside perceptions of queer identity.  In deconstructing binaries of gender identities, we have invited artists Jess T. Duggan, Melvin Herrick, […]

Join us for the 6th Annual San Francisco Sex Worker Film, Arts, & Music Fest featuring performance, parties, and politics! This year features a 2-party film festival! Sex worker movies include international documentaries, narratives and erotica! For film schedules, tickets, and times: visit and  Check out our entire calendar of events:!

The San Francisco Moving Men presents Dancing @ The Garage. Local choreographer Joe Landini presents an evening of athletic dancing, propulsive music and really cute boys. The SF Moving Men features contemporary dance with a queer sensibility, taking the viewer on a journey that celebrates the joy of pure movement, music and amazing dancers. Each […]

Can a cute t-shirt fund the revolution? Thisway/Thatway messily explores the junction of consumerism and activism in this intermedia spectacle of fashion, movement, and video. The Gap (PRODUCT) RED campaign is a collaborative effort between celebrities, multilateral organizations, and Gap Inc.Half of the proceeds from signature items will become charitable contributions to “help eliminate AIDS […]

The Project explores how our society treats marginalizes communities and calls attention to the danger underground artists pose to the mainstream, small-mindedness, Stereo -Types and to the status quo. The Project presents performance by Queers of color, Trans People and artists with H.I.V. Hazardous Waste Project explores how society marginalizes underground artists of color, POZ […]

Did you know black swans are adept at gay male parenting and koalas are one of the only species known for their lesbian tendencies?  !  Beloved queer writers and visual artists, Ali Liebegott and Nicole J. Georges, showcase artwork and performance revealing the gay old times of the queer animal kingdom. Watch whales ride each […]

Open Eyes, Queer Film Night takes place the first Friday of each month at the Femina Potens.  Starring local artist’s provocative, critical, and engaging films.  This June we will feature three hot, new queer porn films, featuring Madison Young’s ‘Art House Sluts’. Art films meld with hot sex scenes to create one of the most […]

A voyage of sensual entwinement, in/divisible spins assumptions of duality, fortifying a journey from despair to empowerment via social change. Unraveling emotional side-swiping, trust-tumbling and free-falling, reveals the division between human instinct and social tyranny. With gravity free choreography by aerialist, Sonya Smith and gravity bound choreography by movement ornamentalist, Brittany Brown Ceres, in/divisible is […]

Model turned actress, Philip Huang know that there is a depression going on, people, and she’s here to help you forget your troubles.  “Ovaries and Corduroy” is a journey into the depths of tastelessness, race-baiting, and Tina Turner.   Laura Arrington presents a new dance-theatre work that was inspired by southern ladies and set in […]

Join us for a reading from the anthology celebrating 40 years since the Stonewall Riots of June 1969 set off the modern day queer movement. The anthology is being published by City Lights Books on June 1. Edited by local longtime queer activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca, who will be on hand, along with several contributors […]