In 2008, a marriage ended, a nephew was murdered, and a job was lost– and that was only the first eight weeks of the year for Meliza Bañales.  You’d think it would be a banner time to just throw in the towel, but how can you do that when there’s so much meditating and hoola-hooping […]

Poking fingers into dirt, food, and friends, Dirtstar connects generations and genres with story tellers, earthen homebuilders, film farmmakers, seed ball sculptors, bike-dancers, greywater-installers and chef-musicians creating visionary peeks at how we could be living with our world. A mix of delicious participation and performance featuring: elixers at the Apothoqueery by Dori Midnight, tastings by […]

Get under the covers with the talented men of GuyWriters! We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary by spinning a few yarns about love, relationships and community. Sex, romance and other fabrications unravel themselves in this powerful evening of poetry, prose and plays featuring M.S. Allen, Alan Chin, M.L. Heath, Rik Isensee, Enzo Lombard-Quintero, Robert McLaughlin, Jim […]

The 5th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival showcases feisty and fantastic voyages, from dyke couples navigating desire to the riveting routes of sex toys, you’ll be spellbound to saunter through your own saucy sojourns. Opening Night, Friday June 12, features our Festival Focus on Queer Women of Color & Immigration, where transplanted family […]

Riot grrrl was a youth and punk-oriented radical sociopolitical movement that captivated the hearts, minds, raging hormones, and feminist rage of many queer and trans teen girls in the early and mid-nineties. Join the National Queer Arts Festival and San Francisco in Exile for a Riot Grrrl Revival — where you can once again dress […]

Queer literary provocateurs were dared to raid the archives at the GLBT Historical Society and come up with the inspiration to re-imagine or re-visit a moment of queer street protest. The results are Eileen Myles, Ali Liebegott, Annie Danger, Justin Chin, Juba Kalamka, Myriam Gurba, Meliza Bañales, Keith Hennessy and Michelle Tea on 90s AIDS […]

Lyrical and inventive.  A gentle spectacle made of the most mundane of materials.  On a few small, carefully crafted stages, puppeteers Sarolta Cump, Audrey Delgado, Harvey Rabbit and  Asaf Zulah investigate the private, the interior and its recesses and explore the public, the exterior and the unsaid while a soundscape by Matt:Matt and Melody Jones, […]

Native Americans are not merely ghosts from America’s denied history or the subjects of appropriation for the latest Hipster fashion craze. Hailing from Cherokee, Chickasaw and Yaqui nations, we walk out of genocide to speak our truths and tell our stories. Through poetry and spoken word, we will describe our endeavors to preserve and reclaim […]

Writers, filmmakers and performance artists queerify classic myths and seek out the deviant threads in tales of yore. Join us for this free 3-part series with a menagerie of artists from across the country! With Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa, Robin Coste Lewis, Sadie Lune, Elan, Luna Maia, Leah Lakshmi Piepezna Samarasinha, Sara Seinberg, and Brooklyn artist Samuael […]

Garage All-Stars presents Sherilyn Connelly performing Intersections and Interventions, traveling from the streets of the Tenderloin to the dungeon of a sex club. Queer Girl Theatre Project presents Remember Me. Calypso presents  “i capture dot show slash reality” examining the digital image and our most intimate understandings. Calypso presents a new multi-media presentation entitled  “i […]