Nature is So Gay!



Did you know black swans are adept at gay male parenting and koalas are one of the only species known for their lesbian tendencies?  !  Beloved queer writers and visual artists, Ali Liebegott and Nicole J. Georges, showcase artwork and performance revealing the gay old times of the queer animal kingdom. Watch whales ride each other’s dorsal fins for pleasure, and moustached tamarins finger their facial hair in this brilliant lecture and visual performance, complete with slides and sound.

Liebegott and Georges will exhibit their visual art at The Garage. Join us for the opening reception before the show! The art will be available for purchase to make your home a queer animal sanctuary.


Ali Liebegott is the author of award-winning books The Beautifully Worthless and The IHOP Papers.  For the past seven years she’s been writing and illustrating a novel about a post 9/11 obsessive duck feeder called The Crumb People.

Nicole J. Georges is a zinester, illustrator and Pet Portrait Artist living in Portland, Oregon with her canine life partners Beija and Wishbone Georges. Nicole has been publishing the autobiographical comic Invincible Summer for almost a decade, 300 pages of which have been collected into two anthologies by Microcosm Publishing. Nicole has toured the country with Sister Spit, Microcosm, and The Rock n Roll Camp for Girls.  When not basking in the glow of  being voted “Miss Specs Appeal 2006” (by the zine Hey Four Eyes! ), Nicole works on a graphic memoir, to be released by Beacon Press in 2010.