The Hazardous Waste Project



The Project explores how our society treats marginalizes communities and calls attention to the danger underground artists pose to the mainstream, small-mindedness, Stereo -Types and to the status quo. The Project presents performance by Queers of color, Trans People and artists with H.I.V.

Hazardous Waste Project explores how society marginalizes underground artists of color, POZ performers and danger they pose to the mainstream, small-mindedness and the status quo. The performance is set in an apocalyptic world in which saviors are a chanteuse, a punk rock duo, Humpty Dumpty and an elementary school teacher.


Photo by Bob King

2-T-Cells: The Hungry- Is a poly amorous love story between Nina Simone, Katherine DeNurve, and Grace Jones and how they found each met during a séance for a dieing friend of Katherine’s. 2-T-Cells toured major underground venues on their 2008 Hunger Tour. This Duo Collides sound, video and performance with virtuosic vocal arrangement and Costumes.

Dazié Grego: Five Faces of Evening: Is a modern the story of Humpty Dumpty.  Dazié is S.F.’s Bad Boy of the Slam Performance scene. His artistry is bold in your face reality that has no apologies.

Photo by Hattie Lee

Aries Hines: My Dyscalculia Voice is a performance for little black girls and those of us who are now women based in the non-visible disability and queerness, in the discussion of all disabilities. For anyone who’s ever felt confused or lonely and especially invisible in our multiple journeys through what our bodies remember, how the body forgets, and how we fight.

Photo by Zak Barnett

Andre Hudson:  The Last Cycle is a trilogy of love songs written to his future in hopes to change his destiny. Andre a Los Angeles born chanteuse- composer- transports his audience into worlds of haunting imagery through cinematic lyrical tenderness.

Installation: Maya Orli Cohen: A Letter To Her Insurance Company: what is the cost of staying alive and who is permitted the grace of life? Maya experiments with multi visual biographic realism. Aural tradition and video/audio technology is the conduits that capture and construct her installation.