The Garage All Stars Part 1



Model turned actress, Philip Huang know that there is a depression going on, people, and she’s here to help you forget your troubles.  “Ovaries and Corduroy” is a journey into the depths of tastelessness, race-baiting, and Tina Turner.  

Laura Arrington presents a new dance-theatre work that was inspired by southern ladies and set in a Louisiana living room, “Thirty Minutes of Wonderful” explores the complexities of a culture burdened by ignorance yet nourished by a fullness of heart. Laura Arrington enjoys dancing and loving. She used to do it in New York now she does it in San Francisco. She got herself some schooling at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Danced for folks like bj Sullivan, Sean Sullivan, Gerri Houlihan, Tatiana Baganova, and others. Then she mosied up to New York where she was a company member of Ellis Wood Dance, Christopher Williams Dance, and Nina Winthrop and Dancers.