LINEAGE, a project developed by E.G. Crichton as first Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society, focuses on the collections of ordinary/extraordinary individuals who have died. E.G. is matching specific archives to living people who agree to develop a creative response. This project is building pair by pair, archive by archive, and will be exhibited as a traveling exhibition and a website. The reception from 6-9pm will feature refreshments, performances and the first viewing of work created for LINEAGE. Come see photographic portraits of each pair by E.G., a music video about Jiro Onuma by Tina Takemoto, an Aria composed by Luciano Chessa inspired by Larry the Piano Man, a monologue about the “Talullah Bankhead of S.F.” by Lauren Crux, a dinner party installation inspired by Sally Binford, a film about Helen Harder…and much more.

About E.G. Crichton  – E.G. Crichton uses a range of art strategies to explore social issues, history, and site-specific subject matter.  She often works within community settings and collaborates across disciplines with performers, writers, scientists and composers, to name a few. Her work has been exhibited in art institutions and as public installations in Europe, Japan, Australia and across the U.S.  She is an Associate Professor of Art at UCSC and the first Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society.

Sponsored by the GLBT Historical Society