think Philosophy


June 23, 2008

thinkPhilosophy Salon(TM)
D. Rita Alfonso
Femina Potens
8:00pm – doors at 7:30pm


It’s Pride, So We’ve Got To Ask Ourselves: “What’s So Good About Being Queer?” For Queers, this is sometimes a difficult question – we are well aware of the difficulties associated with living on the margins of sexual and gender norms. But there are also advantages to living in critically queer ways. Do we not have some measure of critical perspective on social norms, and shape society both from within and without?  Are we not a great resource for creativity, compassion, and understanding? And for those who identify as allies, what is good about knowing, and being with Queers? A philosopher moderated discussion will follow, the goal of which will be to test our ideas against experience and deepen our understanding. All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome, so be sure to bring your “other family” members: dads, sisters, siblings, and the rest of the extended family too!

(thinkPhilosphy Salons (TM) are Philosopher moderated, Socratic-styled dialogues that explore questions of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. A thinkPhilosophy / Once-A-Month Production (TM); [email protected] /

D. Rita Alfonso, Ph.D., has taught Philosophy and Gender Studies at Stony Brook University, Grinnell College, and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor in Gender and Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies at U.C. Berkeley. Her current research performs phenomenological meditations on queer visual and performance art.  Dr. Alfonso recently launched in order to foster community discussions of Art, Politics, and Philosophy.  The thinkPhilosophy/Art Salons are a part of this extra-curricular project.