Weaving A Web Of Queerness



Wynbiverse is a journey into the myths of creation.

God is Queer! God doesn’t just love queers, S/he is one. The theme of the androgynous deity (a god with characteristics of both sexes) is nearly universal, known in Africa, in Europe, in Asia, in Pacific cultures and in the Americas. There is virtually no mythology anywhere in the world which does not contain at least some hint of it. In this installation we are saying that God, if there is indeed one singular God, has got to be queer. Queer Spirit is where it all started and we intend to make that clear.


We are Wynbi, world-walkers and walkers between worlds— between the worlds of singular and plural, of black and white, of male and female, of butch and femme, of serious and irreverent, of considerate and impetuous, of young and old. Installation concept: God’s Dressing Room. We began with the concept of a necessarily androgynous God. Because our installation venue is a theatre, we started thinking about creation myths in a theatrical context. What if God in these stories were making her/his theatrical debut? We didn’t have a stage to work with, and in any event we weren’t planning on a theatrical production ourselves. We had a room in which to do an installation. So we began to think about it as God’s dressing room. It looks like a kween’s dressing room, a theatrical kween’s dressing room. It smells like grease paint, jock straps, powder and perfume. It feels like heaven.