Queeriosity 2009



In the most “progressive” place in the so-called United States, in the wake of Proposition 8, caught between a dominant culture determined to pave the world over and our own aching hearts, we are. We are our own heroes. We are a living iconography. We believe in spirit. We believe in flesh. We fall in love with loving openly. We emerge from impossible spaces. We bloom from secret things. We wade through mainstream to find pure water. We change the channel when commercials come on. We are not for show. We are not for sale. We could not be more serious. We are queer, questioning, bi, critical, allies, artists, and activists.  We are not to blame. We are not ashamed. Some revolutions begin carefully. Sometimes the quiet ones are brave. Not all united voices are the same. Call us by our truest names. Queeriosity for the curious and courageous.