Body Ties community presentation



See this once in a lifetime premier presentation of “Body Ties” by Theatre of Praxis

This in—the- moment, in- the- body spectacle only exists from the minds and bodies of the brave men from the Body Ties- Together for Strength Arts Festival Workshop Led by Michael Page. In this demo and discussion we will reveal our inner selves and our process, share our breakthroughs and challenges in an attempt to bring you in, and engage you in our creative self explorations.  Themes generated in the 5 week workshop will be highlighted through group improvisation and short original pieces. It includes music, dance and words of wisdom. Audience participation and discussion guaranteed together with sharing of insights, breaking down of convention in freeing the mind and body.  Witness the stories woven from the process of exploring our male bodies.

This is the project of Michael Page.  His story is a musical physical body ritual, one which includes work as a teacher and community arts advocate with children and adults in SF since working at The Farm in SF in 1980. His life’s passion takes action as a dancer, queer activist and healing practioner. He is a researcher of how art, music, dance are combined with mind exploration and intention to be used in healing, community building and spiritual story making. He sees it important at this period to be involved in reaching out and making bridges for the benefit of health for the community. He has a degree in Theater from Antioch College, Yellow Springs and graduate studies in body work and somatics at New College and California Institute of Integral Studies in SF.  His focus is movement, body use and effort, Improvisation, intention and Body Mind Healing and Immune Enhancement.  He has done study in Cuba and Central America on folklore, dance music and ritual. Somatic practice, music and art are a key for maintaining a positive attitude.  They are very important for Michael to explore his life process and to improve and understand his own physical disability, body issues and challenges.

May 9 – June 13
Men’s Theatre of Praxis Workshops: Body Ties – Together for Strength
The Garage, Saturdays, 10am-12p (some extra hours for planning and rehearsals)
$17/class or $70 entire 6 week workshop (pre-paid before May 7th)
Limited financial aid

Join us for a 6 week somatic movement healing laboratory and presentation. Join other men in this accessible, fun, focused Saturday morning laboratory for healing and connection. Using “The Body” as our jumping-off-point, we’ll explore attitudes about the “ideal man’s body.” Engage in a variety of intense, somatic healing and awareness practice, art and theatre for healthy life and community. Directed by Michael Page. Register at or 415-467-4653.

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Michael Page and Ronald Reyes
photos by Diana Blackwell