Body of Work


BodyofWorkKeyJune 16, 2015
Body of Work
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
1800 Market Street @ Octavia
$12-$20, NOTA
June 16th, 7:30pm show
ASL Interpretation Provided / Wheelchair Accessible Venue / Scent-Free Policy

Body of Work is a multi-media performance show exploring queerness, sexuality, disability, chronic illness, and the question: “How do you have a body?” Seasoned disabled queer cultural workers join forces with emerging disabled queer cultural workers across multiple disciplines. This year’s cast includes queer, trans, and non-binary writers, dancers, film-makers, and performance artists, whose genres and passions span from the pornographic to the academic and back again. The directive for each artist is deceptively simple:  “Make art about what it means to have a body; what it means to be queer and disabled and alive in 2015.” The result? Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

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Photo Credit: Chani Bockwinkel, “Dykes with Ducks” 2014

Neve Be is black, crippled, perverted, and regal. They crawled out of a book to sing and dance and bleed for you. Neither hero nor villain, but here to help some of us, should we want it, and if we can offer something of heart, of weight, and depth in return. Not always serious. Anarchist. Punk. Sorcerer. Choreographer. Writer. Filmmaker. Mouth user. Fine gross artist.You can find Neve’s work in Maximum Rock n Roll and forthcoming in various publications. You can also find their adult star alias Lyric Seal online at, on, and in their column “Slumber Party” on On Twitter: @fancylyric, instagram: @selkiesonthetide. For love/sex/body/relationship/selfhood advice email [email protected]!Expect a book to crawl out of Neve, next spring, called Taking it Lying Down, through ThreeLmedia.
Katherine Cross is a Ph.D student in Sociology and Magnet Presidential Fellow at the City University of New York’s Graduate Centre. Her research interests centre on gender in virtual space, with a particular focus on studying the social dynamics that animate online harassment. Her academic work has appeared in Women’s Studies Quarterly, Loading: The Journal of the Canadian Games Studies Association, and First Person Scholar. In addition to this, she also writes as a weekly columnist for Feministing about digital culture and serves as the site’s unofficial nerd correspondent. She’s covered sex, gender, and sexuality for years at publications including Questioning Transphobia, Bitch Magazine, Offworld, and RH Reality Check.  Katherine-Cross-Photo-#2-for-Body-of-Work
 gina(2) Gina de Vries is a writer, cultural worker, teacher, performer, queer cripple, genderqueer femme, fat sex worker, and devout pervert born, raised, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ze is founder & curator of Body of Work, founder & facilitator of Sex Workers’ Writing Workshop, a cast member of the Still Here San Francisco project, a member of the Advisory Board at The Center for Sex & Culture, and a proud alumna of the St. James Infirmary, San Francisco in Exile, and Write Here Write Now. Ze holds a Master’s in English and a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from San Francisco State University. Ze’s performed, taught, and lectured everywhere from chapels to leatherbar backrooms to the Ivy Leagues, and hir writing has been anthologized dozens of places, from the academic to the pornographic (recent publications include Sex Still Spoken Here, Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?, Take Me There, and Coming & Crying). Ze is currently at work on How To Have A Body, a book of experimental prose about the intersections of sexuality, gender, disability, and chronic illness. Find out lots more at &
Tobi Hill-Meyer made her film making debut with Doing it Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project, winning a Feminist Porn Award for Emerging Filmmaker and being named #3 in Velvet Park Media’s list of the 25 Most Significant Queer Women in 2010. She is a multiracial trans woman with over a decade experience working with feminist and LGBTQ organizations on a local, state, and federal level, having served on several boards and offering support as a strategic consultant, currently serving on the board of the Gender Justice League. With her background in activism, she uses her media production company, Handbasket Productions, to create stories and entertainment that reflect community needs and values. Most of her work can be found at or Tobi-Hill-Meyer-for-Body-of-Work
 Cinnamon-Maxxine-Photo-#1-for-Body-of-Work Cinnamon Maxxine is a San Francisco bay area original Diva. They’re a queer porno personality, stripper, and all around fierce fat femme of color. They’re on a mission to confront racism, race bias, fat phobia, and the generic femme bias in sex work and porn. Cinnamon fights these issues every day and loves to educate people that these issues are real. Not just in mainstream society, but in our cherished and loved alternative/sub cultures as well.
You can find Cinnamon here:
twitter – @cinnamaxx
email- [email protected]
Rachel K. Zall is a writer & performing artist living in Philadelphia in a house full of cats. She has published two collections of poetry, a zine (“About My Body (Because You Always Ask)”), and a comic book (“Exiles,” with Christianne Benedict). Her short stories have appeared in various places including Tristan Taormino’s Lambda Literary Award winning collection “Take Me There.” This is her first time performing on the West Coast, and she’s very excited about that. Find out more at:  Rachel-K