Collaborative Practice and the Future of Memory



Atlanta-based performance collective John Q (Joey Orr, Andy Ditzler, and Wesley Chenault) join GLBT Historical Society Artist-in-Residence E.G. Crichton and artist/Queer Cultural Center co-founder Rudy Lemcke for an evening of visual and performative conversation exploring the intersection of archival research and the creative process. The group will present provisional findings of their current collaborative archive exchange.




Wesley Chenault is a certified archivist with fifteen years of experience in academic, nonprofit, and government repositories. Currently, he is Head of Special Collections and Archives at James Branch Cabell Library, part of Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries in Richmond, Virginia. Chenault’s work related to queer history, memory, and archives includes publications, exhibitions, and temporary public art installations with artist collective John Q. He holds a M.A. in Women’s Studies and a Ph.D. in American Studies

Andy Ditzler was trained as a percussionist at Indiana University and is a composer, performer, and curator living in Atlanta. He is a founding member of the art collective John Q and recipient of a 2011 Artadia award. He has curated over one hundred programs in the ongoing series Film Love, which presents historical avant-garde and experimental cinema to general audiences. As a musician, Ditzler has performed in contexts ranging from classical and jazz to free improvisation and rock. Ditzler released Closet Studies, his latest collection of songs, in 2011. In 2012 he will revive the 1977 performance art work Desirium Probe by the New York artist James Nares. Currently he is a doctoral student in Interdisciplinary Studies and a George W. Woodruff Fellow in the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts at Emory University.

Joey Orr is an artist, writer, curator, and teacher. His practices focus on memory and public intervention. He is currently an Arts and Sciences Fellow in the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University and an associate editor for the Journal for Artistic Research (Bern, Switzerland).


E.G. Crichton

E.G. Crichton uses a range of art strategies and media to explore social issues, history, and site-specific subject matter.  She often works within community settings and collaborates across disciplines with other visual artists, performers, writers, scientists and composers, to name a few. Her work has been exhibited in art institutions and as public installations in Europe, Asia, Australia and across the U.S.  She is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of California Santa Cruz and the first Artist-in-Residence for the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society of Northern California.


Rudy Lemcke

Rudy Lemcke is a new media artist. He holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Louvain, Belgium and a degree in Internet Technology from San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Program.  His art and new media works have been exhibited internationally. He was a co-founder of the Queer Cultural Center and is currently its Web and Communications Director.