There is nothing more challenging to us as human beings than to embark on the path of self-enlightenment. Throughout her life, tonight’s honoree has done this admirably. It is with great honor that I introduce Bernice Lee Bing–artist and activist–who has courageously searched for self-enlightenment through a life of creativity and community commitment.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT By Bernice Bing Reprinted from the Asian American Women’s Artists Association Catalogue When I was an art student, I came to the realization that a brush felt more comfortable and familiar in my hand thatn a pencil. Dexterity with a brush led me to the fine arts-painting. At that time I knew almost […]

  Clarity: Bernice Bing by Moira Roth Bernice Bing was a dearly loved friend of mine, and I knew her very well for the last ten years of her life. I first met her at an extravagant sunny afternoon rooftop party to celebrate Jay de Feo’s 60th birthday in Jay’s Oakland studio in March of […]

BERNICE BING RETROSPECTIVE – SOMArts Cultural Center San Francisco – 1999

QUANTUM BINGO By Lydia Matthews Quantum theory reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. . .but rather (nature) appears as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole. . .In atomic physics, we can never speak about nature […]

Bernice Bing (1936 – 1998) A San Francisco native, Chinese American, artist, lesbian, community activist–Bernice Bing, 62, was a bridge between many worlds. She came of age during the Beat era and entered the San Francisco arts landscape in the 1960s with her paintings, which synthesize abstract modernist painting with Chinese calligraphy. With texts by […]

LENORE CHINN SOMArts Cultural Center Installation View      

LENORE CHINN: INTERVIEW Interview with Kim Anno and Ellen Meyers by Molly Robertson and Moira Roth, at the home of Anno and Meyers, Berkeley, California, March 17, 2001 Moira Roth: How did you and Lenore Chinn decide upon making “Before the Wedding” æ her portrait of the two of you which she painted last year? […]

LENORE CHINN BEFORE THE WEDDING A series of 1999 emails to Moira Roth, accompanied by jpegs, from Chinn chronicling the evolution of “Before the Wedding,” a portrait of Kim Anno and Ellen Meyers. Sunday, July 11, 1999 “I am sending the image I showed you, a painting commissioned in China of my paternal great-grandmother, as […]

LENORE CHINN CHRONOLOGY by Molly Robertson Quotes, unless identified otherwise, are taken from a video interview Rudy Lemcke did with Lenore Chinn in her San Francisco apartment on February 1, 2001, part of Lemcke’s Queer Cultural Center TV series of interviews with gays and lesbians for the QCC website (Lemcke is the designer and curator […]