Outrageously popular, artistically outstanding and always delicious! The FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL is the nation’s premiere transgender and queer performance festival. Award-winning trailblazers and national LGBT art-stars perform in three programs of modern dance, live music, comedy, taiko, bomba, theater and much more. All shows are followed by Fresh Meat’s famous in-house after-parties with DJ Miz […]

Strange Bedfellows is a visual art exhibition exploring collaborative practice in historical and contemporary and queer art.  This interactive panel discussion, moderated by curator, Amy Cancelmo, brings together several of the exhibiting artists to discuss issues of collaboration. Participating artists will discuss the impetus for collaborative practice, personal and/or political desire, “familial” connections, empathy, intersubjective […]

GUAVA is a multi-media performance piece that addresses queer African sexuality and how immigration and geographic location impact it. GUAVA documents stories that are often ignored and marginalized and utilizes art to share those stories as well as engage in conversations about queer African sexuality. GUAVA will debut at the National Queer Arts Festival and then be […]

This evening of dance by Shaunna Vella, Rogelio Lopez, Elizebeth Randall and Andrew Merrell exposes the complex layers of identity, gender expression, and vulnerability through risk taking physicality and emotional subjectivity. We are seeking our truths as lovers, friends, strangers, soulmates, enemies, scene stealers and exhausted, relentless moving bodies. We will unravel through isolation, relationship, […]

Revisit this wonderful exhibition with a selection of the curators and the artists who are defining the spirits of times. Come celebrate the spirit of our time with spirits and snacks and a market you won’t believe at the opening of the visual arts exhibit and the festival! In the midst of the opening, Qcc […]

Bitter Queen is a new physical theatre work that walks the borders between contemporary dance, inter-mediated performance and installation. The viewer is immersed into a debauched cocktail party circa 1969 that quickly dissolves into byzantine labyrinth of performance that challenges the relationship between viewer and performer and the line between queer and “What the the […]

The 9th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival premieres an unprecedented 55 short films in 5 screening programs.  The Festival Focus includes a Featured Screening that explores culture, tradition and activism, from the waves of feminism to the simmering revolutions among Southwest Asian, North African/Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian (SWANA/AMEMSA) communities, followed by […]

Queeriosity is a literary arts and performance event that creates a safe space for LBGTQ youth to speak their truths without having to conform to the ideals of others, or pander to limited mainstream understanding of “Queerness.”  Queeriosity was created to give youth a place to simply be, speak from the places they are here […]

Ramekon O’Arwisters’ exhibition, Sugar In Our Blood, is an autobiographical exploration of sexual stereotypes in the LGBTIQA and African-American communities. Folk-art traditions and techniques are physical stand-ins for race, sexuality, and spirituality in his work. Sugar In Our Blood is a collection of mixed-media installations including a collaborative, community-based art project that uses the folk-art tradition […]

When two, queer San Francisco women lovers discover more about the global environmental crisis, they see red and go green. Beth Stephens, a sassy butch artist professor, and Annie Sprinkle, a high femme ex-porn star and sexologist, join the environmental movement only to discover they don’t quite fit in. So they do it their way. […]