Omar Mismar Artist Statement For a period of 30 days, I took a walk every day, navigating the city using Grindr, a geo-location gay mobile app that tells the users the vicinity of gay men around them. Each day I picked a man I desired, and tried to get as close as possible to him […]

Ace Lehner   Artist Statemant Three-­‐channel video. The video installation includes three images of the same figure lip-­‐synching to the same song “Dry And Dusty,” taking turns singing different parts and sometime singing together. At other times some of the channels are dark. It is the same song and of roughly the same duration as […]

Kang Seung Lee         Artist Statement This on-going project is to bring one of the most domestic, underrated, under-appreciated and feminine media (needlepoint) to document Queer Art History as well as Homo Erotic Art including gay porn industry. Starting from early 2013, I have been doing needlepoint works of homoerotic images. These […]

John Howard           Artist Statement Must queer imagery depict queer bodies? Is queer photographic representation limited to LGBTQI portraiture? Do the political stakes of visibility require a documentary emphasis on community leaders and direct action? Must photographed trans bodies be further subjected to an intrusive gendering gaze in search of tell-tale […]

Sailor Holladay Artist Biography Sailor Holladay is a writer and textile artist living in San Francisco, California. Sailor was a LAMBDA Fellow in 2012 and holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Mills College. Sailor’s writing and art have appeared in Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme, Gay Genius Comics Anthology, When Language Runs Dry […]

Arturo Herrera     Artist Statement As an artist I explore the subjects of: sexuality, food, politics, power, and identity. In my most recent body of work Dairy Queen, I examine how we visually experience the desirability of the body through a series of oversized phallic food sculptures and performance photography. With this work, I […]

Preston Gannaway     Artist Statment ‘Out in the Hood’ This project documents the lives of young, black gay men in the South. Here in this predominantly conservative area of Virginia, they are part of a vibrant community that often goes unnoticed. For some of them, the added minority of their sexuality doesn’t compare to […]

Laurie Edison   Artist Statment I grew up in New York City, and have lived in San Francisco for half of my life.  I became a photographer 25 years ago at the age of 47.  Until recently, my work has focused on the beauty and complexity of real bodies. My suites of black and white […]


Joe De Hoyos   Artist Statement These works are about sexuality, addiction, secrets, and loss (health, love, life), and how fragmented the lives of my parents were and are; my mother is still alive.