Susana Cortez Artist Statement “Dirting_Indianapolis” This was a social action in Indianapolis, IN. I covered myself with dirt and walked throughout downtown Indianapolis, Indiana for about an hour. This was the first piece where I use dirt as my medium. By covering myself with dirt, I became visible to every person who came across my […]

Minkyung Choi Love Letter for a Girl, 2013 from MinkyungChoi on Vimeo. Artist Statement Love Letter for a Girl explores the relationship between girls and their desires within the spectatorship of blog culture. The camera views a reflective monitor while I scroll down collected images of girls from online apparel shops and blogs. The voice-over of […]

Gerardo Castro   Artist Statment My approach to the studio and painting comes from an intuitive relationship I develop with the people that surround me, along with my Spiritual beliefs, environment, and memories from the perspective of a Latino gay man.  My art encompass oil paintings and mixed media works inspired by supernatural forces influenced […]

Amelia Carley   Artist Statement Much of my work utilizes paint to examine concepts pertaining to identity and how particular elements manifest visually. I have been exploring how through studying groups of people I might be able to create a visual representation of an idea or word within the study of identity. Using subject material […]

Anna Campbell   Artist Statement /sash (2013) is a layered latex and heavily ruffled sash, draped over a series of six scale model sawhorses – tools used to support the construction, in this case, of an idealized form. The sash references any number of Miss America, teen or tiaraed toddler pageants, as much as the signifier […]

Charli Brissey   Artist Statement This work follows two bodies as they progress from an amorphous configuration of limbs and flesh to visible and distinct bodies moving through space. These bodies are constituted by their relationship and interaction with one another, revealing a queer utopian in which these bodies become themselves together. All of my […]

Rose Briccetti   ARTIST STATEMENT My work looks at the worker, mainly the female worker, and her alienation from her work. Self-portraits by-proxy, these images show working women trapped by their physical bodies in places and jobs that seem empty and route. Some of the work shows these women soldiering on through their daily grind […]

Carlos Brache      Artist Statement The complexity of queerness in our times is heightened by society’s desire to neatly and comfortably categorize. Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered are labels that resonate with the weight of history. We are contained within these bodies. Our bodies must relate to the things around them. I create work that […]

Jose Alvarado     Artist Statement Some of these images are from a project I am working on, dealing with Immigration Reform; the project is called “50-60 Wet Backs” in response to congressman Don Young’s insensitive comment about the 50-60 wetbacks last year.

Shana Agid       Artist Statement Call a Wrecking Ball to Make a Window is a map-fold book with original text that explores routes taken and spaces made by queer people in New York City from the 1970s through the 2000s. Drawing links between the lives of gay men in that period and my […]