Kate Rigg with David Jung as MC Chink Daddy and featuring the Chink-O-Rama Dancers
Wednesday-Sunday, June 5-16; 8 pm
Location: Brava Theater Center, 2789 24th St @ York
Parking at SFGH at San Bruno and 24th Street (2 blocks from the theater)

Kate’s Chink-O-Rama is a hilarious send-up of Asian stereotypes served in a cultural-activist style. Come see why all the roundeyes are freaking out! Covered are Nike sweat shop workers, Vietnamese war brides, camera-toting Japanese tourists, and every other lotus blossom, kung-fu kicking Susie Wong cultural stereotype floating in the cultural ether. Combining “I Will Survive” and “Miss Saigon” with a rap rhythm, Rigg presents a panoply of characters such as The Lesbian Librarian and Puerto Rican Welfare Mother, offering the kind of theater that equally offends along the cross-cultural board.

Kate Rigg is a graduate of The Julliard School in NYC. She has performed at both the Montreal and Toyota Comedy Festivals and was featured in Time Magazine’s 2001 “Coolest Canadians,” as well as named one of the top ten comedy acts in NYC by Backstage Magazine 2001. TV credits include OZ, LAW & ORDER, Wonderland (recurring) and many more. Born to an Indonesian mother and an Australian father, Rigg says: “The word Chink is just a word. Words are not people; people are people. Nobody can take that word and make it toxic. It takes power away from a person who would use it in a negative way, cause I said it first Honey!”