Coming Out Again


June 25, 2008

Curator-Meliza Bañales
LGBT Community Center – 2nd Floor
Tickets: $8 – $15 sliding scale

Design by Jacob Vaughn Gushue

This event will tell the coming-out stories of folks who, because of various life circumstances, had to come-out again.  In our first coming-out, maybe we were dykes who in our second coming-out became gay men.  Or we may have been men who became dykes, or dykes who found they were bisexual or folks who transcended so many lines that they were, in a word, queer.  What happens when the community accepts you as one identity and then has to adjust to another?  How do we find community, fit into new ones, and completely mess with our own ideas of whose who and how that defines us?  Curated by award-winning writer Meliza Bañales, six artists including Julia Serano, Sherilyn Connelly, Jeanette Aguilar, Ami Mattison, and Prado Gomez, will illustrate their paths to acceptance and wholeness and what it was like for those of us to come-out…all over again.

coaamimattison coajeanetteaguilar coaprado
Ami Mattison Jeanette Aguilar Prado Gomez
coajuliamic coam_banales coasherilynconnelly
Julia Serano Meliza Bañales Sherilyn Connelly