Tom Orr Sings The George Michael Songbook 
with The Tom Shaw Quartet. Produced by Tomorrow! Productions.

San Francisco musical comedy cabaret sensation Tom Orr pays tribute to one of contemporary pop music’s best and most underrated song writers, former Wham! front man and international superstar George Michael.

June 25 @ 8pm, July 2-3 @ 7pm & 9:30pm
Cowboys & Angels with Tom Orr
Tickets: BPT


Orr is joined by The Tom Shaw Trio, after making his debut with them at The Rrazz Room in the Hotel Nikko in 2012. For this show, the trio becomes a quartet with Tom Shaw on piano, Roberta Drake, drums, Paul Eastburn, guitar & bass, and Audrey Jackson, brass & woodwinds. Opening Night, June 25h, also coincides with George Michael’s 50th birthday in the week leading up to Gay Pride.

Known primarily as a prolific lyricist, a chameleonic musical theatre performer and the creator of the cult adult parody revue, “Dirty Little Showtunes!”, Orr is now thinking “outside the music box” with this brand new original cabaret show and will be singing the star’s songs “straight,” so to speak. Leaving original lyrics intact, Orr pays honor and homage to Mr. George Michael, whom he respects as a hero, role model and inspiration, not only as a performer and composer-lyricist but as a pioneering modern gay man who has blazed trails for out & proud queer artists and made historic breakthroughs in treating sex and human sexuality as valid themes for playful, personal and profound dance floor demagoguery, artistic expression, political pop music and sensual creative artistry.