Dance to the Radio



A person has to admit they’ve hit bottom when they search for life’s meanings in today’s shitty pop songs.  But that’s exactly what we’ve asked ten Queer artists to do!  There’s always that one song on the radio that seems to say exactly how we’re feeling, no matter the guilty pleasure that it is.  It’s time to come out of the closet and admit it!  Join us as these leading Queer voices explore the deeper side to Brittany Spears, Katy Perry, Guns n’ Roses, Missy Elliot and all the Top 40 you can handle as we attempt to get through life, one pop song at a time.  There will be radio crystal ball readings!  Candy fortunes with your favorite lyrics!  And of course, the radio! Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.

June 7-8 @ 9pm
Dance to the Radio
Tickets: BPT


Meliza Bañales (CURATOR) is the author of Say It With Your Whole Mouth and the forthcoming Life Is Wonderful, People Are Terrific.  Her film, Getting Off, with J. Aguilar won the Jury Award at the LA Transgender Film Festival in 2011 and she has a spoken-word album coming out on Crunks Not Dead Records.

Gina de Vries is: Writer, cultural worker, queer Paisan pervert, genderqueer femme.  Writing: How To Have A Body.  Founder & Co-Curator: Girl Talk.  Favorite Bowie album: Diamond Dogs.

Zari Le’on: Dancer/Choreographer/Educator.  Zari began performing to Top 40 in nightclubs of San Francisco (1999) with the best dancers she’s ever known.

Tina De’Elia: Writer, actress, director, performer.  AIRspace Resident & Fresh Meat boardmember.  Tina’s solo performances include Groucho: A Day in the De’Elia Soup and The Rita Hayworth of Our Generation.  She has appeared in such films as The Pursuit of Happiness and Knife Fight and her short film, Lucha, with Maria Breaux won the Audience Award at Frameline in 2009.

Nic Alea is co-host of the reading series The New Shit Show, they facilitate creative writing workshops at Solano Juvenile Detention Center with The Beat Within and are a 2012 Lambda Literary Fellow.

Lynnee Breedlove punkrocker, activist, writer, comic, and homobiles founder, between saving drag damsels in distress, is working on a new book.

Prado Gomez is a Mestizo from La Misión currently living in semi-exlie in El Sobrante with his multi-species family.

Justin Emerson’s work was in 50 Gallons of Diesel, Gravity, Purr Magazine, & Lodestar Quarterly. He’s read at QOM, K’vetch, Gender Odyssey, Femina Potens, and SQAF.

Cindy Emch is a published poet who plays ghost town country and American music.  She founded SF’s Queer Open Mic and has appeared on, NPR, Sister Spit and more.

Evan Emerson is a writer, smartass, pervert, and mother of two.

Tatyana S. Brown is captain of The Lit Slam and lives in San Francisco.