Dyke March


Dyke March San Francisco
Saturday, June 26, 4:30 p.m.
Location: Dolores Street @ 19th St
Street Party to Follow on Castro Street
Info: 415.241.8882

Dykes who dare fight for freedom, for power, for sisterhood, for love, for our bodies, for self-defense, for dignity, for human rights, for our children, for joy, for liberation, for ourselves, for control of our lives, for sex, for equality, for justice, for all women, forever.

DJs include: Chili D, Edaj, Ellen Ferrato, Page Hodel, Junkyard, Michelle Mattos, Stephanie Phillips, Olga T. MCs: Fairy Butch aka Karlyn Lotney, Mindy Dawn Friedman, Nikki Starr Dancers: Stephanie Clinton, Edaj, Randen Kane, Madison, Shannon, Skeeter and more. Pyrotechnics featuring: Firepussy