Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2012



The 8th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival premieres 39 short films in 5 screening programs.  The Festival Focus, I Do AND I Don’t: LGBTQ People of Color & Same-Sex Marriage encompasses a Featured Screening and a Panel Discussion To Have & To Hold that explores the egregious history and legacy of Prop 8.  The festival will also showcase powerful documentaries from Chile and Colombia that examine facets of queer and transgender experiences in Latin America.  From the lives of queer Africans in the U.S., to a Mexican mother coming out to her grown children, to magical musical film mash-ups and fairy godmothers, this joyous anniversary rips the veil off societal expectations, elopes with your heart, and solemnly vows undying delight!


Festival Focus:  I Do AND I Don’t: LGBTQ People of Color & Same-Sex Marriage
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Friday, June 8, 7:30pm
Opening Night



From a woman living between two genders, to Oakland roommate drama, to the ability to find real love, let this splendid bouquet of films sober and intoxicate you.  (Brief Nudity)

My Inner Turmoil (Rashmi, 2012)

Alien from Earth Too (Tee Tagor, 2012)

A Night In The Woods (Alexander Lee, 2012)

Snow White Red Sky (Be Steadwell, 2011)

Thresholds (Linda García Merchant, 2011)

Shadow In The Dark (Karida Abal, 2012)

I’ll Take It From Here (Lani Rodriguez, 2012)

Love Ability (Alisha Byrd, 2012)

Craigslist Chronicles (Nia King, 2012)

Dyke Central (Mynah Films, 2011)

Running Time: 82 min

Friday, June 8, 10pm
Opening Night Party
$5 to $20
Music by DJ Gray,  DJ Olga T, DJ Wepa
Performance by Aima the Dreamer
111 Minna
111 Minna St @ 2nd, SF

It’s our Queer Women of Color Film Festival tradition, a cool Opening Night party with the hottest DJs.  Like Prince said, let’s pretend we’re married and go all night.  So, say yes to your best dress and let’s dance like it’s the end of the reception!

Saturday, June 9, 1pm
Centerpiece Screening



From cherished dreadlocks, to a young woman fighting for independence, to novice fairy godmothers granting wishes, these films promise devotion, self-determination and dreams.

Cover My Head: Open My Heart (Estelle Davis, 2011)

In My Room (Danielle Fernandez, 2012)

The Last Time (Vanessa Coe, 2012)

Her Path Home (B.K. Williams, 2012)

The Straight Pill (Joy Lam, 2012)

One Wish (Sandy Martinez, 2011)

Running Time: 95 minutes

Saturday, June 9, 4pm
Panel Discussion
To Have & To Hold
Moderated by Alice Y. Hom, Ph.D.

Join our Panel Discussion about the ways that people of color say “I Do” and “I Don’t” to same-sex marriage.  LGBTQ rights cannot be divorced from racial justice, but that was precisely the goal of Prop 8 proponents, who used racism to promote homophobia. The aftermath of that bitter battle was the consummation of a singular focus on legislation that pit potential allies against one another.  Yet for LGBTQ people of color living at the intersections, these debates are about more than traditions and institutions.  They are about which kinds of relationships, families, and love deserve recognition.  This intergenerational panel envisions the ways that LGBTQ people of color advocate for social justice and our human rights beyond simple legislation, through an affirmation of our families, cultures, ethnicities, and histories.

Saturday, June 9, 7pm
Featured Screening



A celebration of queer family values, from decades-long romances to queer API women raising children, from good ole shotgun weddings to modern takes on finding a bride, these films reveal that jumping the broom and getting hitched are about more than the ceremony.

Corazón de Melón (Zoila Avilés, 2012)

Family Blessings (QWOCMAP Productions, 2012)

Living in the Shadows of Exclusion (Anna Ngan Nor Eng, 2012)

What If? (Ana Escobar, 2012)

Family Values (Zoey Zotigh, 2012)

It’s Complicated (Jennifer Hatton, 2012)

Chicks and Love (KJ, 2012)

Running Time: 93 minutes

Sunday, June 10, 2pm
Centerpiece Screening & Community Conversation


UNFENCED/SIN VALLA (Bilingual Screening)

From quirky twists on teenage angst, to the love mothers have for their transgender children, these documentaries from Chile and Colombia show that our spirits can’t be contained.  After the screening, join QWOCMAP and Bogotá-based sister organization Mujeres al Borde, for a conversation on LesBiTransFeminism.  (Brief Nudity)

Transhumantes (Damian San Martin, 2011)

Transformers (Billy Muñeka, 2011)

LOKA, LOKA, LOKA (Claudia Anais Rodríguez, 2011)

El despertar a una realidad multicolor (Andrea Sarta, 2011)

¿Quién me dice qué es el amor? (Paula Sánchez, 2011)

Todo un hombre (Michel Riquelme, 2011)

Transformaciones del Alma (Jimena Norambuena, 2011)

Subtitled in English

Program Length: 120 minutes

Sunday, June 10, 6pm
Closing Night



From first-generation Americans, to queer Africans in the U.S., to drums, sacrament and rituals, these documentaries celebrate the union of ancestors and community.

Crossing Barriers To Re-Gay Ourselves (Carolina Reyes, 2012)

It Gets Messy in Here (Kai Green, 2011)

The Arrival (Narissa Lee, 2012)

Looking for Jiro (Tina Takemoto, 2011)

Bloodlines (Celeste Chan, 2012)

Coming in America (Aba Taylor, 2012)

Sacred Space (Ava Square-Levias, 2012)

De Colores Spirit Warriors (Berenice Dimas, 2012)

Drum Love Joy (Shawn Nealy, 2011)

Running Time: 92 minutes

Sunday, June 10, 8pm
Closing Night Party
$5 to $20
Music by DJ AlmiuX, DJ Black, DJ Emancipacion
Award Ceremony at 10pm
Food by Kain Bigan
2925 16th St @ S. Van Ness, SF

From the Audience Award for Best Film, to special performances and delicious eats, join us for a fabulous party to close our 8th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival!