Girl Junk with Morgan



Morgan fell into her new gender at age 50. Morgan the man was a union iron worker hiking tall buildings in a single bound at countless construction sites. Then a horrific job site accident at age 50: a near fatal 2-story fall.  Recovery=Realization. Although studly & svelt, Morgan always felt uncomfortable as a man, but loved being an ironworker, overcompensating for the  truth: Meet Morgan the woman, and Morgan’s Funny. “Girl Junk” brings Morgan’s rough, east coast ironworker sensibility to the masses, earning her place in a league of successful stand-up comediennes. She intersperses the outlandish and amazing tale with the personal and sentimental, to bring home the heavier parts of her life story and gender bending observations. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And you’ll not soon forget Morgan. “Girl Junk” should not be missed! With successful shows all over the San Francisco Bay, Yale Sex Week, and LA’s Californication, the Transgendered Super Hero is sure to entertain you. Go to FACEBOOK Page.