In This BodyJune 24, 2019
In This Body
ESAA, 7:30pm
Mandela Duncan, Nikeia Rideout, Nann Tsehay, Latajh Weaver
TIX: $12-$20

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Blending video, poetry, song and music, these artists tackle being In This Body. What are the obstacles to making their journey toward an integrated life? Fresh performances examine Issues of gender, queerness, love, bisexuality and the steps they will take to be entirely In This Body.

a room w/ no mirrors – RIDEOUT
explores self-love, internalized hate, blk grandmas & societal standards: spoken word & soul-felt raps over off-key instrumentals narrates a story of overcoming challenges, realities, struggles to celebrate waking up in a blk/queer/non-binary body.

Bloom – NANN
Feel, trust, love. After emerging from her own ashes, Wildflower learns the only way to heal from the pain is to go through it. BLOOM uses song and poetry to explore the introspection and vulnerability of a soul in need of healing.


poet + rap artist:
born and raised in bearden, arkansas, rideout carries the wisdom of blk grandmothers as a
shield from the world and a voice for the ancestors. their art breathes through the blk queer
body, both non-binary and of spirit.

NANN is a singer/songwriter and poet from Chicago, IL. Her writing is a worthy dive, giving us an introspective narrative of the life/love experience. Her lyricism is intentional, carrying a
willful vulnerability and cool air. A self-taught music producer, NANN fuses Black music genres such as hip hop and soul together to complement her bright, brassy voice. NANN has performed at 2018 San Francisco Pride, Dyke March and Oakland Pride. She’s been a featured performer at Exhale Collective, La Pena Cultural Center & Women of Color Initiative, and the Museum of African Diaspora.

Social Media Links:
Instagram: know_nann (singer)
nanntsehay (writer)