jacqueline mary

Jacqueline Mary
Rough Cut 1, The Boy
Kathleen Diamond awakens to find a present from her girlfriend wrapped in her living room- a boy
(Jimminy Lickitt) available to serve her every whim. Kathleen likes her tea hot, her floor clean, and her
boys dirty, so a lively trial period is required to make sure this boy is fit for the task. Will he be able to
measure up to her exacting standards? It might take a little training…
Artist StatementJacqueline Mary of Heartless Productions aims to make truly punk smut that connects with the viewer on a visceral level. Hedonistically straddling the line between porn and art, her work aims to inspire, confuse, enthrall, engorge, and induce queer minds and bodies. Her work is high concept, fueled by fantasy, and propelled by a neverending lust for more.