Stories of the Spectrum Photo Exhibition

June 22 Reception
Stories of the Spectrum Photo Exhibit
LGBT Community Center, 1st Floor, 6pm-9
Exhibition June 1 – July 17

Stories of the Spectrum is a youth-led photo exhibit by youth members of the Chinese Progressive Association that documents the stories of queer and gender non-conforming people of color and their allies in the Bay Area. Through portraits and self-defined descriptions of participants, the exhibit seeks to explore a spectrum of gender expressions and sexual identities in a way that challenges stereotypes and explores how gender and sexuality play a role in all of our lives. Stories of the Spectrum intentionally uplifts the stories of people with marginalized identities to disrupt the dominant narrative of society and to recognize that everyone’s experiences, struggles, and existence are valid.

About the Gender Sexuality Diversities (GSD) Program & Chinese Progressive Association (CPA):

The Gender Sexuality Diversities (GSD) Program was created by the Chinese Progressive Association in 2013 to meet the needs of Asian youth members for a safe space to explore gender and sexuality issues. GSD supports queer, questioning, and ally youth in understanding power, privilege, and oppression more deeply, as well as their own experiences of gender identity and sexual orientation. GSD is open to all youth, and is centered in supporting queer and questioning youth.

Founded in 1972, the Chinese Progressive Association is a grassroots social justice organization that empowers the low-income immigrant Chinese community in San Francisco and promotes justice and equality for all people. CPA is a multi-generational, membership-based organization that empowers low-wage workers, tenants, and high school youth to have a voice in their community.