Jewelle Gomez introduces Bead by Bead

jewelleJune 10, 2014
Bead by Bead: Contemporary Native Writing
Curated by: Indira Allegra/Jewelle Gomez/Kim Shuck
African American Art and Culture Complex
National Queer Arts Festival 2014

Bead by Bead: Contemporary Native Writing, is a literary salon featuring Two-Spirit authors making critical contributions to the fields of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Join Jewelle Gomez, Kim Shuck, Indira Allegra, Greg Sarris, Qwo-Li Driskill, Nazbah Tom and Moon Flower as they offer up narratives that attest to the brilliant, ongoing vision of Two-Spirit people today. These authors labor over their texts bead by bead, writing stories that can be sewn together to create complex legacies of love and survival for the future to inherit.