The 25th Anniversary of The Gilda Stories

Jewelle GomezCity Lights Books & the SFPL present:
The 20th Anniversary of The Hormel Center
Exhibition: May – August 7
Harvey Milk, Second Sight
Curated by Bob Kelley

June 2 – Twenty-five Years of Vampire Life: The Gilda Stories Re-issued
June 7 – From Sleaze to Classics
SFPL, Hormel Center, 3rd Flr, 6pm

June 2- When Gilda escaped from slavery in 1850, she didn’t expect to live to see the 21st century. Jewelle Gomez will read and catch you up on what Gilda’s been up to.

June 7 – It’s an intergenerational discussion on lesbian lit featuring Ann Bannon, Michelle Tea and Juliana Delgado Lopera.