Kate Bornstein Performance

Kate Bornstein & Barbara Carrellas in
Too Tall Blondes Do Sex, Death & Gender
Thursday – Saturday, June 15 – 17; 8 pm
Location: ODC Performance Gallery: 3153 17th Street @ Shotwell
Tickets: $15, Qcc


Too Tall Blondes have dark roots in the Sexual Revolution, the AIDS crisis, and cyberspace. The Blondes have done Sex, Death, and Gender everywhere from Junior High to 42nd Street, from Brown University to the Australian outback, from male to female and back again to neither. They’ve done it in both the Catholic Church and the Church of Scientology. They’ve done Tantra in lap-dancing parlors, and Sadomasochism in ashrams. Now they wanna do it for you. Co-produced with ODC Theater.

KATE BORNSTEIN and BARBARA CARRELLAS live, love, work, and make art outside the boundaries of traditional gender and sexual identities. They believe that anything terrifying is worth doing at least once. Kate is the author of Gender Outlaw, My Gender Workbook, and Nearly Roadkill and is a highly acclaimed performance artist. She was born a boy, grew into a man, became a woman, and now considers herself none of the above. Barbara Carrellas is an internationally acclaimed sex educator and the cofounder of Erotic Awakening, a pioneering series of workshops focusing on the physical, spiritual, and healing powers of sex. Barbara has identified as heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, pansexual, omnisexual, and just plain queer. She now considers herself all of the above . . . for starters.