Kate Bornstein Workshop

Adventures in Gender and Sex: Beyond Mars and Venus
Kate Bornstein & Barbara Carrellas
Wednesday, June 14; 7 pm
Location: Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, 4235 19th Street @ Collingwood
Tickets: $20, Qcc


Have you ever felt limited by the socially accepted definitions of man and woman? Do you find that a label such as heterosexual, lesbian, gay, or bisexual only begins to describe your sexual identity? Have you ever hidden away parts of yourself in order to fit into a relationship, a job, a school, a community, or a religion? Would you like to experience a gender-free orgasm?

Barbara and Kate invite you to join them in exploring the power, pleasure, and possibilities of fluid gender and sexual identities. After a brief and informative talk that lays out the differences (and similarities) of gender and sexual identities, we’ll:

Examine our own and society’s definitions of a real man and a real woman . . .
Explore the erotic possibilities of genderlessness . . .
Learn real skills to help you welcome a new, self-defined identity and say goodbye to the identities you’ve outgrown.

Throughout the workshop we’ll encourage laughter wherever and whenever we can; because, let’s face it: sex and gender can be pretty funny! People of all gender expressions, sexual preferences, and sexual identities welcome!