About NQAF 2012


Welcome to the 2013 National Queer Arts Festival


Zeitgeist is a marvelous German word that means the Spirit of the Time.  In our case, we asked visual and performing artists to either imagine what people looking back at Queer Date 2013 would feel were the unique spirits of this time; or to look back in history and choose queer movements/spirits from those epochs and re-define them.

Everything from the perception of body & gender in performance & circus and styles of burlesque to examining privilege, immigration, post traumatic stress, ageism, sexism, ecology and racism are gracing our stages and gallery walls and, as usual, in new and queer ways.   You’ll laugh and gasp and get all hot & bothered where you least expect to!

We celebrate who we are and who we want to become—and as always, we start the conversation with the arts.

Please join us and support our artists and queer artists everywhere!

Pamela Peniston
Artistic Director

National Queer Arts Festival – QCC stages an annual month-long multidisciplinary National Queer Arts Festival, documents significant Bay Area Queer arts events on our Website, provides fundraising and other technical assistance services to emerging culturally-specific and gender-specific Queer arts groups, and conducts “Creating Queer Community,” a program that to date has commissioned more than 60 San Francisco-based artists to create new work.Since 1998, QCC has organized an annual month-long National Queer Arts Festival.  To date, these Festivals have presented more than 400 different events featuring over 1000 Queer artists.


Cheryl Dunye
Jacqueline Francis
Jeff Jones
Jordy Jones
Juba Kalamka
Rudy Lemcke
Mia Nakano
Pamela Peniston
Tina Takemoto (President)

Advisory Member
Dr. Marcy Adelman


Pamela Peniston (Artistic Director)
Information about Qcc and National Queer Arts Festival Programs and Curation
[email protected]

Kevin Seaman (General Manager)
Information about the National Queer Arts Festival Co-ordination and all financial matters)
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Rudy Lemcke (Communications Director)
Information about the visual arts program, website curation and educational programs
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Jeff Jones (Financial Director)
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Sarah Guerra (Production Manager)
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LaVette Virden  (Finance Manager)

DENDESIGN (Graphic Design)

PS Print  (Festival Printing)


Josh Faught
Jacqueline Francis
Jordy Jones
Rudy Lemcke
Matt McKinley (Exhibit Designer)
Pamela Peniston
Tina Takemoto

Amanda N. Simons (Exhibit Coordinator)
Carter Steinmann (Zeitgeist & Festival Intern)

All Qcc events always have a No One Turned Away policy.  (DEN-maybe somewhere near the general BPT ticket info.

Please make preparations to ensure this event is accessible and safe for people with chemical injury and environmental illness. We request you refrain from wearing hair and body products with fragrance or clothing washed in detergent with fragrance.

We need logos for CQC – Creating Queer Community and for HC – Healthy Communities with text saying—

Indicates Creating Queer Community & Healthy Communities programs commissioned by Qcc with the generous support of the San Francisco Foundation, The SF Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.

And that little area with “For complete event schedules and artists’ bios, please visit www.queerculturalcenter.org