Nectar: Women’s Stage at Pride
Pride Parade Stage Programming
Location: Civic Center
Sunday, June 30; 11 am-6 pm


What is Nectar? Inspired by requests from women, The Nectar Women’s Stage celebrated its successful debut in 2001, creating a unique venue to highlight women’s talent as one panel in the textured quilt of the gay and lesbian community. Melissa Ferrick, the Butchies and Tribe 8 were just a few of the amazing performers that brought this stage to life. Women flocked to the Nectar Stage, finally feeling there was a venue specifically speaking to them. Nectar was the first ever women’s stage in the 30-year history of San Francisco Pride and is committed to bringing together the creativity and passions of women within this larger celebration.

Nectar will be a stage overflowing with creativity and festivity, with some contemporary politics thrown in for good measure. It will be a place that will be geared toward the women’s community. The stage and setting will celebrate the diversity and talent within our community. Nectar will be a venue where hot girl bands can jam, spoken word performers and poets can connect, dancers and hip-hop dj’s can make the crowd move and comedy and politics will co-exist and reach out to all. Nectar is a venue of
first-rate entertainment that folks flock to.