QCC Net Art 2000

QCC Net Art 2000
Wayne Corbitt, Lourdes Portillo, Margaret Tedesco, Remy Charlip, Justin Chin, and Hugh Buck.
Curated and Produced for Qcc by Rudy Lemcke

QCC Net Art 2000 Launch Party:
Sunday, June 4; 5-7:30 pm
Location: SomArts, 934 Brannan @ 8th Street
Donation, Info: Qcc

Launched in 1998, QCC was the first West Coast arts organization to initiate a Net art-commissioning program, supporting queer artists already working with digital technology as a medium, as well as those exploring the possibilities of this new technology. Last year QCC presented the work of Mabel Maney, Joe Goode, Gary Kong, and Armando Rascon.

This year’s program features Wayne Corbitt’s “Sometimes My Feet Go Numb,” adapted from a video by Lourdes Portillo; Margaret Tedesco’s “Place This,” about the presence and/or absence of the “experienced body”; Justin Chin’s “Infinite Read”–you’d be surprised at what passes for love these days; Remy Charlip’s “Sleepy Time Rhyme,” an enchanting lullaby for children of all ages; and Hugh Buck’s infamous leather-bar Last Supper, “Last Call.”