QIY Workshop 2


It is an artist’s charge to create art; unfortunately, it’s also an artist’s charge to sustain themselves while focusing in on what they do best. By breaking the monumental task of submitting your proposal into manageable steps, this workshop will equip artists with the tools they need to submit strong and competitive proposals.

Following a brief overview of each funding institution represented, workshop attendees will be divided into four groups and walk through proposal preparation with workshop facilitators from various institutions including the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission, and The San Francisco Foundation.

If you are planning on attending this workshop PLEASE fill out this online survey:

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This survey is designed to capture information on Bay Area queer artists to be used in the following three ways:

1. To map the artistic skills, resources, and needs of participants attending “Building Patterns: Collaboration in the New Paradigm,” a workshop and networking event for Bay Area queer artists interested in artistic collaboration.

2. To help the Queer Cultural Center (QCC) and THEOFFCENTER (TOC) better understand the Bay Area queer arts community as a whole.

3. To create an artist directory to assist queer artists in finding others in their community for collaboration.

Personal contact information will not be shared and you will not be added to mailing lists without your consent. Your information will automatically be included in the composite report and you will have the option to be included in the artist directory. For more information about this survey, the composite report, or the community directory, please contact:

If you have any questions please contact: Pamela Peniston [email protected]

Please visit the QIY exhibition and check out our additional workshops on June 6 and June 29.