The 5th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival showcases feisty and fantastic voyages, from dyke couples navigating desire to the riveting routes of sex toys, you’ll be spellbound to saunter through your own saucy sojourns.

Opening Night, Friday June 12, features our Festival Focus on Queer Women of Color &
Immigration, where transplanted family dreams, delightful disco-balls and uprooted lovers
traverse intimate contours in MULTIPLE BORDERS.

Saturday June 13, we present a Community Convening bringing together immigrant, people
of color, LGBTQ and arts organizations to reframe contentious debates about queer
immigration. Our Saturday night Centerpiece Screening presents reggaetonic migrating fingers,
quests for identity, and campy sci-fi adventures in QUEERLY IRREVERENT.

Sunday June 14, our afternoon screening presents alluring accidental encounters,
joyous deliveries and deceptive wanderlust that collide in CRAZYSEXYLIFE.

Sunday Closing Night presents filmmakers tracing their creative journeys, dream-stirring
poetry and a hip-hop trio’s trailblazing flight in ARTISTIC JUSTICE.

Info:  415.752.0868, [email protected], www.QWOCMAP.org

FESTIVAL PROGRAMS (see QWOCMAP website for more information)

Friday, June 12, 7:30pm
Opening Night Screening: MULTIPLE BORDERS (74 mins)


Two Embrace (Carrie House, 2009, 5 mins)
Mi Casa Es Mi Casa (Marta Martinez, 2009, 6 mins)
A Letter Home (Shahrzad M. Davis, 2009, 5 mins)
Homeschool (So Yung Kim, 2009, 4 mins)
A Genealogy of Dreams (Champika Fernando, 2009, 8 mins)
Passports, Love & Disco (Marlene Legaspi, 2009, 9 mins)
The Visit (Jacqueline Francis, 2009, 8 mins)
Lucha (Maria Breaux, 2009,15 mins)
Solidarity Baby (Maya Chinchilla, 2009, 6 mins)
Color Watch (Jillian Soto, 2009, 8 mins)

Friday, June 12, 10:00pm
Opening Night Party: Bollyhood Café
(3372 19th Street, SF)

Saturday, June 13, 2:00pm

Saturday, June 13, 7:00pm
Centerpiece Screening: QUEERLY IRREVERENT (61 mins)


Gay is NOT the New Black (Jolie Harris, 2009, 4 mins)
Queerer Than Thou (Tera Greene, 2008, 8 min)
Mr. & Mrs. Singh (Punam S., 2008, 12 mins)
Chillin Like a Villain (L.C. Bruce, 2009, 3 mins)
Dimension of IS: A Spectacular Future
(Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa & Heather Cox-Carducci, 2009, 15 mins)
From the Diaries of Two Breasts (Beldan Sezen, 2008, 4 mins)
Tortillera (Awilda Rodriguez Lara, 2009, 4 mins)
What to do after the break-up … with the s#x t@ys (Lili Tom, 2008,11 mins)

Saturday, June 13, 10:00pm
After Party Fundraiser: The Vibe Lounge
(2272 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland)

Sunday, June 14, 2:00pm
Afternoon Screening: CrazySexyLife (71 mins)

A Family Delivery (Lisa M. Davis, 2008, 7 mins)
Lost & Found (Lajuana Decatur, 2009, 5 mins)
My-Grations (Dawn Robinson, 2009, 6 mins)
Sista Chronicles (E. Wood & L.C. Bruce, 2008, 18 mins)
When Least Expected (Meja Tyehimba, 2009, 10 mins)
Secret Admirer (Celeste Chan, 2009, 3 mins)
What If? (Brenda Williams, 2009, 22 mins)

Sunday, June 14, 6:00pm
Closing Night Screening: ARTISTIC JUSTICE (62 mins)

Live performance by Las Krudas Cubensi


The Stories We Tell (Rachel Poulain, 2009, 18 mins)
Glass to Diamonds (Joy Lam, 2009, 12 mins)
Confusion (Rozita Fogelman, 2009, 9 mins)
On My Way (Emily Encina, 2009, 8 mins)
Non-Resident Alien (Cruzito Cruz, 2009, 15 mins)

Sunday, June 14, 9:00pm
Closing Night Party: The Monkey Lounge

(2730 21st Street, SF)

Pre-Screening Receptions
Q&A with Filmmakers
Wheelchair Accessible
Official Pride Event
Official National Queer Arts Festival Event