Shaping & Remembering : The Emerging Artist Showcase

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

6:00-7:00PM, PST



The Emerging Artist Showcase This year’s Showcase, is an Epic journey of transformation and creative vision. This journey slips poetry, music, projection, and a photographic journey into an evening you don’t want to miss!

Nikia Poché unpackages collective social habits in their public debut, Fluid: Flirting with Life Outside the Matrix – a futuristic summoning weaving together autobiographical memories around Blackness, fatness, and gender fugitivity through poetry and spoken word.

See My Heart is a meditation on the memories, identity, and resilience of San Franciscan elder Morgan Ruzzo. Morgan’s stories reveal the experience of someone destined to come to knowledge of herself in unforgettable ways, and how she transformed that self-knowledge into her autobiographical comedic art. By way of recorded conversations and analog photography with Emma Norman, this short piece offers a glimpse beyond Morgan’s gender and into the heart of a talented woodworker, an important community member, and a cherished friend.


Nikia Poché is a queer, Black writer, lyrical essayist, and poet determined to disrupt oppressive social norms and generate change by traversing psychic borders and unveiling liberatory possibilities of existence in the here and now. 

Emma Maile Shore Norman (b.1988) is a portrait photographer and multimedia artist based in San Francisco, California. She focuses her gaze on her own communities, merging the formal portrait with the intimate vernacular image. Her work often incorporates themes of queer subjectivity, historicity, ephemera, collecting and private archiving. Emma received her MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2017, and has shown her work in both solo exhibitions and group shows in Vermont, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Her photographs have been featured in publications such as Bomb Magazine, National Geographic Books, the New York Times. 

June 9, 2021

6:00PM – 7:00PM PST



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