Dwayne Calizo – The Future is Free

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

6:00PM, PST



The Future Is Free. The Dwayne Calizo Artist Residence Showcase This year’s showcase features four artists and their individual pieces and is a kaleidoscope that reflects the many colors of movement and how it pushes us forward and beyond. The Time Is Now! The Future Is Free.

‘this ain’t home’. by rde.out. there’s no place like it. but for a queer, non-binary black american. where is it, exactly? in the midst of a global pandemic, the continuation of anti-blackness, brutality, and the ongoing patterns of displacement, ‘this ain’t home’ explores the great migration & its influences that are still prevalent today. inspired by Isabel Wilkerson’s ‘The Warmth of Other Suns’, rde.out blends music, poetry & visuals to witness black americans & their legacy of survival to find peace & safety. what is home? where will it be?

Outside by NANN. After joining the candidacy to be in The State’s military, Eight questions if she is training to fight for her own liberation or someone else’s. An outburst during training leads her to stand toe to toe with the person who inspired her to join the candidacy in the first place.

Two Pandemics and An Insurrection by César. During these times of COVID-19 intersecting with the wave of uprisings in our communities- #BlackLivesMatter, #StopAsianHate, immigrant rights and children in cages, Hawaiian sovereignty and Indigenous rights (#LandBack), César’s solo performance weaves personal stories of being a Gay Filipino man and long-term survivor living with HIV as he enters his 60th year on this earth.

Ghetto Gospel by Mandela. Breaking down the brick wall forged between me and the world, this show will reveal my journey of self-love. Through all of my ups and downs, I want people to find their own strength in my vulnerability. I am Mandela Msanii and this is my Ghetto Gospel.


rde.out. Poet, lyricist, producer, thrives on storytelling through interpersonal conversations & personal growth. They showcased their debut show ‘a room w/ no mirrors’ as an emerging artist at the Queer Arts Festival 2019.

NNAN is a music artist from Chicago, IL. A ‘Jane of a few trades’, NNAN produces, writes, and performs her own music, including her EP, “While We’re Here”. NNAN sings of the life/love experience, one in which we all share.

César has presented his work for the Resilience Archives’ Performing Visible Resilience “Coming to America” and “Anal Sex”. For Bindlestiff Studio’s production of Queer as Fuck, he premiered his piece “#Resist” which was also selected to be performed at Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture Performing Arts Showcase. César is a recipient of an Individual Artist Commission grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission. He is currently the Artistic Director for the GLBTQ Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) Theatre Collective and has produced their work in collaboration with the Asian Art Museum and the Asian Pacific Cultural Center.

The intersection of music, healing, and entrepreneurship has always been a focus for Mandela Msanii. Born in San Francisco, and raised in Oakland CA, Mandela is a multifaceted singer-songwriter, actor, model, activist, and mentor using his life experiences to create a world of mentally stable and financially sustainable artists who work, heal, and create together. In 2015, Mandela founded the Anyxmeans Collective to give QTBIPOC youth the tools to be proactive and productive about their life, mental health, and artistry. Since 2018, Mandela has facilitated and hosted restorative justice and mindfulness workshops for young people at Yr. Media formerly known as Youth Radio in Oakland CA, Clackamas Highschool, Arts and Technology Highschool, and Open School, Literary Arts in Oregon, and Counseling in Schools Mandela has also worked with Gendetspectrum and California State Northridge’s Pride Center. In 2020, Mandela co-founded #BlkCannaJoy. A social justice lifestyle collective supporting the holistic rehabilitation of Black people through community-based projects, proactive care advocacy, cannabis education, and compassion. #BlkCannaJoy urges change for the empowerment of Black people. We aim to provide our community with tangible resources to provide access to alternative healing modalities.
Among the list of Mandela’s accomplishments as an artist are performances at the United Nations annual Commission of the Status of Women conference, Ohlone College, the National Queer Arts Festival, the Portland Art Museum, the Tenderloin Museum, and a role as “Adrian” in the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots play. In 2019 the Anyxmeans Collective was nominated for Best Open Mic and Best Underground Cultural event 2019 by the East Bay Express. Mandela’s most recent achievement in 2020 completing the Zoo Labs music accelerator program

June 16, 2021

6:030PM PST



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