Show and Tell


June 8, 2008

Curator: Sara Seinberg
Voice Factory
Time: 7:00pm
Tickets: $15

Show and Tell (l – r) Carmen White, Elitrea Frye, Sookie Koban, Sara Seinberg, Shirley Carter
Photo: Ginger Robinson.

Pairing a visual artist and a storyteller, Show and Tell looks at the historical idea of collaboration and how it builds, re-invents, creates, and mortars both art and community at once. Whether collaboration be friendly, artly, adversarial, or loverly, the coming together of two or more forces can’t help but create a significant new being. Curator Sara Seinberg brings rapper/poet Elitrea Frye together with painter Shirley Carter alongside singer/performer Carmen White working with visual artist Sookie Koban to create powerful new work. Stinging, hilarious, heartbending creations emerge from their study of a famous collaboration from the past. Seinberg presents the artists with a historical bonding of humans that the artists work from. Could be Plato and Aristotle, could be Hall and Oates. Can’t be anything but gorgeous.  Come and find out.