Sunny Drake


June 18-19

The Garage
Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale Buy Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets
A SAFEhouse AIRspace Program

Sunny Drake Photo by Alia

Have you ever wondered if what you think you want is what you really want? Or just what you’ve been taught to want? In these two one-person-shows, in collaboration with visual artists and musicians, Australian performer Sunny Drake explores love, heartbreak, gender and the manufacturing of emotions. Sunny seamlessly weaves story-telling, theatre and creative movement with layers of sound and visuals. Sunny embeds intimate and exposing autobiographical stories in broader political contexts, creating performance that is socially relevant and resonates with many different people’s experiences.

Artist’s Biography

Sunny Drake is a human critter who weaves story telling, theatre and creative movement with layers of sound and visuals. Sunny embeds personal experiences and stories in broader political and social contexts to create bold, raw and challenging performance. Explorations include body image, gender, sexuality, concrete, sexual assault, identity, confessions, fear and professionalism. Sunny has performed in many places around Australia, the USA and Canada including in theatres, festivals, living-rooms, backyards, forests, streets, basements, work places, conferences and deserts. Sunny’s solo works include Umbilical and I Should Have Turned the Mattress Over too. Sunny was born on stolen Indigenous land in Australia (Jaggera-Turrabul land, Brisbane).