The New Brotherhood


June 18, 2008

Kirk Read/Zak Szymanski
LGBT Community Center – 2nd floor
Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale

Trannymals Go to Court photo by Dylan Vade and Abe Bernard

The New Brotherhood 

Curators Kirk Read and Zak Szymanski bring together an assortment of writers and performers for this multimedia show. On the bill, gay men and transmen bring their experiences together to explore the way these two communities of men are overlapping — sharing knowledge, facing conflict, having sex, reflecting each other aesthetically. The show promises fresh approaches to masculinity, male identity and a new frontier of sexual exploration. In a era where maleness is often defined in terms of war and heroism, we seek nothing less than finding new ways of being men. Featuring activist John Newsome, tattoo artist Shadow Morten, a screening of “Trannymals Go to Court” by Abe Bernard and Dylan Vade, pieces by Zak Szymanski and Kirk Read and more.

Artists Biosgraphies

Kirk Read is the author of “How I Learned to Snap” and the upcoming essay collection “This is the Thing.” He cohosts the open mics Smack Dab and K’vetsh and has toured the United States a number of times as a performer, most recently with the Sex Workers Art Show. He’s worked at St. James Infirmary, a free clinic for sex workers. He is the director of Army of Lovers, a project to nurture art by queer male performers, which is a project of Queer Cultural Center. He can be found at  

Zak Szymanski is an award-winning reporter and writer with ties to a variety of diverse GLBT communities. He is now teaching journalism in the midwest, but returns to San Francisco whenever possible. 

Abe Bernard is a genderqueer transguy who likes to play with images, gender and queers. Dylan Vade is a trannyfag who likes to put  googley eyes on everything.  Together, Abe and Dylan made the short film “Trannymals Go To Court.” 

Shadow Morten is a gay FTM living and loving in SF for 23 years.  He  tattoos out of Gotham where he’s been slinging ink for 5.5 years. Since picking up a tattoo machine, Shadow’s political work has taken a back seat, but he still shoots his mouth off when ever he gets a chance. 

John Newsome is one of the co-founders of …And Castro for All, and is a leading strategy and management consultant to social justice organizations nationally. 

John is a 1990 National Endowment for the Humanities fellow and has written cases and articles for Stanford Business School, New York Newsday, the Baltimore Sun, and the San Francisco Chronicle.  John holds a BA, an MA, and an MBA from Stanford University.