Sweet Deliverance


June 20 – 22, 2008

Veronica Combs aka Vixen Noir
The Garage
June 20 – 8:00pm / June 21 – 2:00pm & 8:00pm / June 22 – 7:00pm
Tickets: $10-$15 Sliding Scale Buy Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets
A SAFEhouse AIRspace Program

Vixen Noir Photo by karen marisa

Sweet Deliverance traces the evolution of Vixen Noir’s sexuality from sensual toddler to teen years wrought with erotic fantasies; boys with big cocks and coming out as a lesbian.  Her drug-induced twenties were replete with low self-esteem, bad choices, the elusive orgasm and her never-ending search for sexual freedom on a higher plane. 

In a funny, edgy, sexy and raucous one-woman show, Vixen gets down and dirty with her grandmother, Sweet, as she sets out to prove that her smutty ways were passed down through her matriarchal bloodline.  Vixen believes, “I came out of my mother’s womb sexually charged!”  Sweet Deliverance employs a fierce mix of storytelling, poetry, monologues, songs, burlesque and contemporary dance, punctuated by excerpts from Vixen’s interviews with Sweet, culminating in an explosive, mind-bending, toes-curling climax that just might make you look at your own sexuality in a whole different light!