June 6 – 8 & 13 -15, 2008

Joe Goode Performance Group
Yerba Buena Center
8:00pm/Sundays 7:00pm

Photo by RJ Muna

In this new collaboration with master puppeteer Basil Twist, Goode integrates yet another art form into his innovative cross-disciplinary work.

Wonderboy is an unexpected tale of a peculiar superhero isolated by his gift of super sensitivity. Wonderboy has the uncanny ability to empathize with all types of people, an intuitive knack that sets him apart from others. He feels small and apart, an outsider with his nose pressed up against the glass looking in, but in truth, he has enormous power—to see and perceive and even to heal with his gentle demeanor.

With music by Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi, this remarkable collaboration brings Twist’s magical puppetry into the acclaimed Joe Goode Performance Group method of storytelling through text, song, and dance.