5Faces Project


Photo: EPLiBetti Ono Gallery & Qcc present
5Faces Project
June 3, 2016
5pm – First Friday Opening

June 17, 2016
7pm – Performances

EPLi and The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins

Tickets: Sliding scale NOTA
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/5Faces-Project

“no matter what’s beyond the next queer horizon, the journey is most transcendent when we bring all our selves along “- 5FacesProject.

5Faces Project is a multi-genre collaboration between queer documentary photographer epli and performance artist The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins. 5 large-scale portraits, alongside autobiographical essays explore the 5 personas that form like Voltron to create the black, femme, Diva-On-A-Dime we know as TLMVJ. Join us on our performance opening night June 17 at Betti Ono Gallery, Oakland for 5 performances/rituals from the 5Faces all evening long.

For more details and behind-the-scenes images of the making of 5FacesProject check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/5Faces-Project



Photo: Sarah Deragon

The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins is a Southern born queer black femme performance artist. The Lady performs primarily burlesque/movement and also incorporates stand-up comedy, spoken word, African American vernacular dance, films/mixed media, faux queening and karaoke into her artmaking process. She is proud to collaborate with long time creative inspiration and friend—photographer EPLi. TLMVJ is also grateful for the opportunity and space to share her black femme sur-thrival stories.

Keep up to date on all the TLMVJ happenings at VaginaJenkins.com


Photo: Simone Chezar

EPLi is a queer, mixed raced, masculine of center woman who’s artistic practice is to act as a self-identified “photo researcher”- queering the line between objective documentarian and agent of positive social change. Since her introduction to the darkroom and photography at the age of 12, she has not put down her camera. Existing with part of her consciousness always wrapped in people watching and light appreciating, EPLi has made it her business to use her camera as a tool to be schooled by it all. Her work has been published in a variety of print/media including: Colorlines, Huffington Post, Autostraddle, BlackGirlDangerous, East Bay Express, San Francisco Chronicle and Bitch Magazine.

Please visit EPLiphotography.com to view EPLi’s projects past and present.

Creating Queer Community

Creating Queer Community