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Torreya Cummings This work was made while at work—Cummings diverted waste material from museum exhibit graphics production into sculptural objects and other-than-intended installation material. These “thefts” of time and labor […]

Tim Roseborough Queer people are drawn to the edges and peripheries of a society because — in some form or another — we are always running. Queer people run to […]

Ramekon O’Arwisters With Many Stories 2013 – 16 is an ongoing project of Crochet Jams, the social practice of Ramekon O’Arwisters. Crochet Jams engage the public to think differently about […]

Micah Elizabeth Scott Ecstatic Epiphany is a human-scale window into an imaginary space. This piece is for anyone in the gallery to watch and control. Walking past it, your movement […]

Mia Nakano Mia Nakano is a photographer, videographer, editor, web-designer, teacher, consultant, printer, writer, and social change maker based out of Oakland, CA. She honed her skills working on projects […]

Lorenzo Cardim The Harbinger, whether a person or thing, is the sign of an impending event. The performance symbolizes the messenger shedding his skin. It highlights the performer’s desire to […]

Kadet Kuhne Taking form in 3D printing, video, installation, sound, interactivity, and 2D prints, I generate synthetic stimuli as an investigation of subjectivity through systems of control and technological mediation. […]

Jeremy Chase Sanders I weave “queer plaids” that contain words coded into the patterns. I experience synesthesia, which causes me to see a certain color associated with every letter of […]

Jamee Crusan Jamee Crusan’s interests lie in questions surrounding the “truth” of love within a media dominated society. In a time where love is becoming more of a spectacle and […]

Indira Allegra The word text is rooted in the Latin verb texere, which means ‘to weave’. I am a writer and performance artist thinking through craft, generating texts that exist […]