Fully Functional Cabaret



The Fully Functional Cabaret is, at its heart, a love letter to trans womanhood. Take a step back, and you will see a familiar story of people seeking healing by shining a light all up in society’s dark places. Come for the camp, glitter, song, dance, shadow puppets, inflatable genitalia, a barbershop quartet, and hilarious good time and stay for the surprise profundity, magic, healing, and human connection we all crave.

Written by collaborative process of its all-trans woman cast, Fully Functional was divined by taking our unheard, inappropriate, and deeply true stories and slathering them in a glittery coat of raw-hearted wit. We are women, whole and complete, and our lives are long obscured by the hideous apparitions of the medical industry, the mass media, and even feminists! Fully Functional takes these unfortunate mantles and runs with them, shouting “NO SOB STORIES!

Annie Danger is a multidisciplinary performing artist hunting the perfect hybrid. She is a trans woman born and raised in Albuquerque, NM androoted in the SF Bay Area twelve years strong.

Deeply interested in art that pulls its own weight, Danger concocts an uncanny blend of art and activism. She tinkers with hearts and minds using her razor wit to alter cultural archetypes and sidleprofundity right up next to you before you ever see it coming. Her work is cunning in its use of humor and sweetness to put the ‘active’ back into ‘interactive art’.

Danger has performed nationally and internationally in theaters, colleges, bars, galleries, and the streets. She has toured with Michelle Tea’s Sister Spit, performed in Sean Dorsey’s Fresh Meat Festival, and is a regular presence at the National Queer Arts Festival. In addition to Fully Functional, she is developing a collaboration with Keith Hennessy, Trojan X, a full-sized trojan horse to be wheeled/wielded on the streets of San Francisco this coming fall. Find out more about Annie at: www.dangertattoos.com