Boys That Pray


Boys That Pray is a play about masculine women/ folks of color who identify with or whose lived experience reflects that of the transgendered community in their gender presentation. The play tackles issues of masculine voices within the feminist/womanist movement and the lives of those who live under the margin of where the LGBTQ/Queer community conducts all their policy change and equal rights agendas. This is a soul-filled piece on surviving, being examples of surviving and maintaining sanity in an exclusive world where boys that pray are prey to intolerance and close-mindedness. This piece is dedicated to the unspoken emotion attached to the forgotten bodies in this battle to live wholly and holy in society.



D’Lo is a queer Tamil Sri L.A.nkan-American, political theatre artist/writer, director, comedian and music producer. D’Lo has performed and/or facilitated performance and writing workshops extensively (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sri Lanka and India), having recently held workshops in LA with SATRANG and as a teaching artist with Teada Productions Theater Company. D’Lo’s work has been published in various anthologies and academic journals, most recently: Desi Rap: Hip Hop and South Asia America and Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic (co-edited by Sharon Bridgforth). D’Lo holds a BA from UCLA in Ethnomusicology and is a graduate of New York’s School of Audio Engineering (SAE). or the regular way